Food for 100 African Kids

EK corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs and initiatives are led by the CEO of Eric Keok Empire Sdn. Bhd., Mr Eric Keok.
Part of our company profit goes out to our local (Malaysian) orphanages, old folks and to international organizations that help orphans and street-kids around the world. 
"The world is a better place if we help each other." - Eric Keok, CEO of EK.

15 March 2021

It's our CEO's birthday month. When I asked him what he wanted to do, he asked me back, "Does anyone need help?".
Today EK's CSR will be (as the title said) making sure 100 African kids get a good meal for lunch: Rice, meat and juices. 
We often hear people say, why do you want to help internationally when you can't even finish helping your own locals? To be honest, why do we have to choose? We should help everybody who comes our way, whenever we can. 
Mr. Eric gives food to the needy around the local temple, he gives some money to beggars to buy food when he comes across them. And when we know these African kids need help, we did our part. It may not be much, just a meal, but EK did it. 

We are glad that we are able to help, and will continue doing so! 

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