Food Supplies for Local Orphanage

EK corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs and initiatives are led by the CEO of Eric Keok Empire Sdn. Bhd., Mr Eric Keok.
Part of our company profit goes out to our local (Malaysian) orphanages, old folks and to international organizations that help orphans and street-kids around the world. 
"The world is a better place if we help each other." - Eric Keok, CEO of EK.

24 June 2021

Everybody is having a tough time especially in this situation where the pandemic continues. Our founder, Mr. Eric has prepared some food supplies for our local orphanage and old folks home, Rumah Kebajikan Seri Cahaya. The person in charge, Mr. Geele, said that they are a charitable organization that relies on donations and help from the community to sustain their home. With all that is going on, they understand that it's hard for people to donate and help as much as they used to. They are glad that EK still continues to help the community. Just to remind you, all of the EK products you buy, part of the profit goes into helping everyone who needs help.

We are glad that we are able to help, and will continue doing so! 

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