Athena Bracelet Silver

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In art and literature, Athena is usually depicted as a majestic lady, with a beautiful, but stern face, unsmiling full lips, grey eyes and a graceful build, emanating power and authority. She is always regally clad in either a chiton or a full armor. At the center of her aegis there’s oftentimes an image of a Gorgon’s head (Gorgoneion), symbolizing the gift she got from Perseus: the head of Medusa. Just like Medusa’s eyes, Athena’s shield can also turn her enemies to stone. As a symbol of her wisdom, there’s sometimes an owl flying in Athena’s vicinity or sitting on her shoulder. 

Feature Details: 

  • Bracelet Material: Titanium Steel  
  • Bracelet Length: 16 cm- 22cm / 6.3 inch- 8.7inch  
  • Bracelet Color: Silver
  • Suitable For: Unisex

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Bought on Saturday, already receive at my doorstep on Monday. Fast shipping and necklace dripping hard bro!

Siva Melvin
Melaka, Malaysia

Customer service team patiently explain everything I ask before my purchase. My first time buying online with them was easy and fast. They also provide detailed photo of items you buy before they send it out. Very good.

Joanne Saw
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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