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Our priority is the quality of our products, every element that goes into making an EK Accessory is carefully chosen and crafted to meet our quality standards. We ensure that each and every creation that is made will bring a smile on your face and fullness to your heart.

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Polo Tee for any occassion.
2 october 2021


Thank you all for showing an overwhelming support to our 6th Anniversary Sale 2021. Please keep in mind that all Anniversary Sale orders are on pre-order basis, and due to a heavy load of orders, our team is working endlessly everyday to make sure your item is perfect. Please give us some time to prepare and to pack your orders. (Estimated time of 45 working days) Your parcel's tracking code will be sent to you via WhatsApp at the number you have given during checkout. We thank you once again for your support and patience. Brb, back to work!

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Very good customer service team, purchase process was very smooth and taught me how to keep them good as new.

Calvin Lim
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Friendly customer service keep come back to update about my accessory condition. Superb after sales service!

Ng Wei Peng

I made a custom necklace with real silver 2 years back, EK helped to polish when tarnished even after a long time. Work was good, service is great. Overall a very good experience.

Joey Loo
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

That day my friend accidentally broken my gemstone bracelet. Boss help me fix and replace some stones for free. Gemstone bracelet warranty for life is real and I'm so happy.

You Jun
Penang, Malaysia

Went to Sneakerlover to buy EK but not enough!!! Still come to website to buy and after 4 days already reach so fast. I really love EK

Tan Wei Shing
Sabah, Malaysia

EK really have the best service, one stone from my necklace dropped so I contacted them and they fixed for me in a week. Now is like brand new. I will come back for more EK

JJ Ooi
Melaka, Malaysia

Aku hanya beli EK sbb service dgn brg sgt baik. Bini pon kta brg EK cantik sgt. Klau bini pon approve maksudnya BAGUS EK...

Kedah, Malaysia

I have been supporting EK since 5 years ago and never disappointed. Continue the hard work and well done EK team!

Alice Sim

Shoutout from Singapore, I only get my drips from EK. Fast shipping to Singapore, got it in about a week. EK the best yo.

Kumar Dinesh